Our Latest Projects

See the following projects to find out more about our current work.

Cloudno.de Homepage (2018)

The home page runs on Cloudno.de CMS, a content management system which is originally authored by us. It is built for high traffic and runs on our PaaS. It has a very different architecture compared to conventional CMSes:

  • Runs from memory (Redis Store)
  • Uses Markdown for authoring
  • Fully responsive, mobile first layout
  • Ajax with full support for SEO


  • Backend: Node.js server with Express and Redis database
  • Frontend: Backbone with Bootstrap 3
  • Language: Javascript

Cloudno.de Homepage (2019)

The home page is now statically created and runs on our S3 compatible object store. It features:
  • Runs from S3 object storage
  • Uses Markdown for authoring
  • Reponsive, mobile first layout


  • Backend: Minio S3 object storage, Cactus for Mac generator
  • Frontend: Generated HTML5, Node.js build system
  • Languages: Python, Javascript

Cloudno.de Dashboard (Account required)

Cloudno.de Platform

It is built on Nodester as on orchestration layer for Node VMs, providing the RESTful API and on AppJet for the backend services. It features:
  • Massive scaling, runs thousands of Node.js and Redis instances
  • Routing grid for port-based routing
  • HAProxy load balancing


  • Backend: Node.js and AppJet servers, Git, CouchDB and Redis databases
  • Frontend: Google Closure with Bootstrap 3
  • Languages: Javascript and Scala

Doc Site

It provides the documentation for the Cloudno.de platform and features collaboration, merging and continues builds in addition to:
  • Indexed full text search
  • HTML, PDF and EPub output
  • Git version control


  • Backend: NGinx static server, Sphnix generator
  • Frontend: generated HTML5
  • Language: Python

Dev Blog

Here we blog about Cloudno.de. You will find a lot of background information. It is based on Octopress enhanced with additional plugins and features:
  • Static page generation
  • Fully responsive, mobile first layout
  • Full text search (Lunr.js)


  • Backend: NGinx static server, Octopress generator
  • Frontend: generated HTML5
  • Languages: Ruby and Javascript

Map Server Demo of a quarter of North Rhine–Westphalia, Germany

Map Server

Our map server makes it easy to integrate interactive maps in mobile and web applications. We are maintaining a geo database with up-to-date data from the OpenStreetMap project. From this data we render custom styled maps. For offline use we provide ISO and mbtiles formats. Map server features:
  • Custom styled maps
  • CC-BY-SA license (no third party fees)
  • Geocoding


  • Backend: NGinx static or Node.js tilestream server
  • Frontend: Leaflet
  • Language: Javascript

Microlog Homepage

The site you are currently browsing. It is fast, light-weight and features an integrated blog system in addition to:
  • Static page generation
  • Fully responsive, mobile first layout
  • Markdown authoring


  • Backend: NGinx static server, Cactus for Mac generator
  • Frontend: HTML5 with Bootstrap 3
  • Languages: Python, Javascript

JGate AppJet Cloud

This is the original version of hosted Javascript. JGate is built on a custom multi-tenant version of AppJet, which was the first engine for server-side Javascript before Node.js. It features:
  • Server in a Jar
  • Online IDE with instant publishing
  • Online version control


  • Backend: AppJet
  • Frontend: HTML with JQuery
  • Languages: Scala, Javascript

Tab Manager Extension

This is an extension for the Chrome browser to manage and store many tabs. It works offline and uses the browser's built-in database localstorage. This technology allows platform independant applications that run on any platform where Chrome is available, including ChromeOS. It features:
  • Offline mode using localstorage
  • Automatic updates by Chrome
  • Distribution through the Chrome Web Store


  • Backend: n/a
  • Frontend: Grunt.js, Node.js build system
  • Languages: Jade, Javascript

Netatmo Alexa Skill (inoffiziell)

This skill allows you to ask Alexa for weather data from your personal Netatmo weather station. It features:
  • Voice commands with several utterances and dynamic slots
  • Secure authenticated communication with Amazon and Netatmo servers
  • Distribution as Amazon Skill


  • Backend: Node.js lambda on our Saas
  • Frontend: Node.js build system
  • Languages: Javascript