Our New Certificate

From the Let's Enrypt Beta

Let's Enrypt is a new certificate authority. We changed our certificate from Comodo to Let's Enrypt. The new CA is still in closed beta, but we wanted to proof early that the infrastructure is ready for production and our blog is among the first sites running on an automatically created certificate that renews itself.

Let's Enrypt aims at revolutionizing the web by providing easy encryption to every web site for free and so easy, that no one has to hassle with certificate signing requests (CSRs), certificate chains, server configuration and all the other stuff that keeps web sites from using strong encryption.

The certificate is trusted by all modern browsers. Click the green lock icon in the URL bar to verify.

Lock icon

Our plan is to use HTTPS for all of our sites as well as all hosted sites and apps on Cloudno.de.

Posted on Nov 7, 2015
Written by Microlog Team